Abbey Normal


Isn’t she a natural? I mean, really! Wow!

This is Abbey, and she isn’t as crazy as her hair color would have you assume. She dwells in the full time world of work and school, while still making time for her boyfriend and her hobbies.


You see, Abbey is an artist, a gamer, a determined young individual, and an expressionist. She will wear her character where all can see who she is.

img_9212 img_9210
During this session, she and I spoke about her dreams and what she wants to do. She wants to get into concept art for video games, specifically. And she has the talent, I’ll tell you! I am told she will be updating her Instagram with new/recent work soon. She enjoys playing and collecting new and retro games. Along with this, she also likes to talk to an audience about her life! You can see that if you visit her YouTube channel here. (Forewarning: There is language on her youtube. That’s just a part of who she is!)

While she does that, she also gets a kick out of a little bit of cosplay. Albeit she hasn’t done much, I am sure there is more to come in the near future. And I hope to bring you some of that through my images, as well!

Anyhow, Abbey was excited to get out and model in front of the camera for me. She is a natural at posing. We even had a slight after-joke about that, because while shooting her I said “In your pictures on Facebook, you know how to pose. You are a natural poser!” and neither of us thought about it until afterward when I pointed it out!

img_9217 img_9205-bw

There were a bunch of families and photographers out at this location while we were there on Sunday, but that didn’t stop any of us. We all worked well to keep out of each others line of sight and to respect one another.

You can view her entire gallery by clicking here!

Thanks to the world for the beautiful sunlight, and to Abbey for the charming expressions and mood about her. Her bright aura helped seal the images together. Oh, and did you notice those peeking kitty leggings!? Pretty awesome, I thought!


Until next time,




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