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I am glad you stopped by, mainly because I want you to meet the wonderful members of “The Tucker Life:” Greg, Erica, Allie, Aidan, Alexie, Noah, and Jonah.

Their story is full of love, as you can see in the images shared with you. Just look at that pure bond they have!!
But their story is also met with a little bit of “trial and error,” so to say.img_9031

I have known Erica for a bit now, and have always known her to love her kids with her whole heart, and more. She never puts them in danger, and guides them along their path as best she can(along with Greg, of course).

Every family has their ups and downs, but from what was always known, their downs were private and they love was very public…that is, until now.

Erica has a story to tell. And, through her story, I want you to keep in mind the strong bond she has with
this young boy, Jonah. Nothing tears their love up, but something has broken them apart before.img_9035

For two and one half years Erica has suffered from seizures, and due to not having been insured at the time, she could not afford $325 a month for the medicine she desperately needed. (Think about that,for a moment…that’s almost $4000 a year for medicine!) She was going to have to wait until August 2016 to be added to her husbands insurance before she could afford the medicine. In the meantime, Erica had a high risk seizure on March 18th, 2016 and had to be transported via ambulance to the hospital for treatment. Jonah, their youngest, was 22 months old, and still nursing. In a perfect world, this is no problem. And it shouldn’t have been, here, either.

Erica had researched medicine and other ways to treat her condition, but came up short. The only thing she was able to do, was utilize cannabis to treat her seizures. And much like we have seen all over the world, smoking/using marijuana did the trick. The staff asked her if she was still nursing, and she told them yes, not even thinking about the cannabis. The hospital immediately called CPS and late that evening, Greg and Erica’s life was torn from them. The Tuckers had no idea Child Protective Services was called, but they arrived and took their 5 kids away from them, pending an investigation. A drug test was administered to their 22 month old son, whom tested slightly positive for having cannabis in his system.

She never used marijuana in hopes of getting it into her sons system, she was merely using it to treat a disease she now has a diagnoses for: epilepsy. A disease so devastating, it can ruin lives and with no cure. Cannabis has had tremendous effects in such areas as quelling seizures and treating pain, that it is legal for medical use in 28 states, and Washington, D.C.

Through it all, CPS has given their case to the local police department, and that department is seeking charges for “child endangerment” against Greg and Erica for her act of nursing during a period of time she smoked to treat her illness. The case has now been given to the county District Attorney and they are awaiting arraignment and a trial.

Child Protective Services has closed their case, but the charges against them remain until trial is over.

Erica did not purposely put her son in that situation, but she has to live with the thought that she is being accused of endangerment. She is a devoted wife, mother, and Christian. She was a stay at home mother who home-schooled for seven years, as well as a bible school teacher by God’s calling.img_9012

Greg and Erica’s children are home now, and being home-schooled and loved on continuously. I can tell you that I see the sibling love(and even a playful rivalry) in these 5 young kids. They respect their parents and love them.
Their full/personal story can be read here and you can learn more about the Tuckers by visiting their website. Their Facebook is also available.

The story does link to a FundRazr campaign, in case you can and want to help them out to afford the attorney fees and bail bonds. Their life, while back together, is in a rocky place right now and we can help them stay above the fall!



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  1. Stay strong love ❤️ everything is going to be ok ! I’m here for u and all the lil Tucker’s too ?!

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