Little Tatum

I was granted the pleasure of meeting this wonderful piece of joy, named Tatum. She’s precious, isn’t she? Preston and Melanie have been married just at two and one half years. They have animals in the house but now they have a new addition! Preston was doing great at swaddling her, but she still didn’t want to stay cooped up!

She was only 11 days old when I was able to photograph her, but she is SO alert! Just look at those eyes!

Oh, and of course, we wouldn’t have a newborn without some fuss! We did capture a few moments where she was just unsettled.

We did our best to make her happy and comfortable. And she was comfortable…as you can see! She wanted to lay there and be smushy-faced with the pillow. But when we didn’t want that, that is when she got upset! It’s ok, though, because I would just place her back in momma’s hands and she would soon calm down so I could snap some more shots. 🙂

She was zonking herself out, again, but wanted to be active. I had a pearl necklace that I was draping on her, but it ended up breaking! Oh no!

However, I was able to get this awesome image because of it! It is things like this that make every photo session unique!


Congratulations, Preston and Melanie! Tatum is a special lass, and yes, even through the fuss she is wonderful! She has many cute expressions!


Enjoy the younger days!


Until next time,


#16 Y’all

Ok, so I will explain the title of this post first! This is my cousin, Elissa, who just turned #16, y’all! So, naturally…I made a “16” prop once her mother said she wanted one. So, it is a #16yall kind of thing!

Anywho, yes, this growing lass is Elissa, and she is on the side of the mountain and climbing toward adulthood(if you couldn’t tell!). She has been 16 for a few months, now(’s a secret! these pictures weren’t exactly ‘on time’) and has been driving a little bit here and there. She seems to be a good driver, so far, as her mother still lets he drive her sisters around! She is a good kid, and has ties in church, as well. I specifically told her “Good! Now I don’t have to have the Jesus talk with you!” You all know I love some Jesus talk!

It’s pictures like the one above that we like to hold on to. It makes us realize that, while she IS growing up, she IS still a kid(even if it will be ‘at heart’ here in just 2 years)!


Elissa was a good model, and I barely had to direct her on poses. She was a natural for the camera, and made this photo shoot a breeze! It was fun to get to connect with a another cousin, as well. (You remember my last post about my other cousin, Kathryn, right? It’s right here.)


As you can see, she went from a more laid back “teenage” outfit to a dressed up, classy one! And that hat! It is loved by her.

We discussed what she might want to do when she steps into the real world. An aspiration of Elissa’s is helping people! She first stated that her desire is to help children as a social worker, to get them out of bad situations. Wow! That is definitely an awesome route to follow!



But children are not the only individuals this young lady wants to help. She wants to be able to help as many people as possible! She stated she might have a desire for small politics, as being in charge of a large area would grant her the ability to help the most amount of people.

Being a police officer was also on her list, so the future is still wide open. Reach for what you want, Elissa! You can achieve anything. Thank you for allowing me to show the world your #16 status!


I end this post with an image that helps reinstate her as a kid. She went back and forth with looking like an adult to still being seen as a young kid, but she couldn’t help but keep the kid grin when she smiled! That’s a look that is full of life!



Until next time,


Kathryn’s 2nd


Don’t you just love to see a budding and glowing soon to be mother?

This is Kathryn, my cousin, and she is seen here cradling her second bundle of joy just a couple of days before he makes his entrance into our world. And I mean that in the most literal way…he was born TWO DAYS after this session!

She endured through her pregnancy working well up until the last few days of it. She is no quitter! She worked and also chased her first son, Eli, around when he played. Eli is going to love his brother so much!




Kathryn and Josh are loving parents, and they had a great family already started before Adam came along.

Well, that is no longer the case. They now have a SUPERB family, because Adam is definitely here!


Kathryn and I got together for a small, faux maternity session a few weeks ago when I was in the area. It was a fun thing to do, but it definitely did not capture what I wanted to get. She was at work, and we had not planned the time. Then when I came back through town, we decided to get an actual session done.

I am glad we did! I love seeing my cousin happy.
And you can see that happiness in her body language, as well as her smile.

Congratulations, Kathryn and Josh!

Until next time,


Christmas 2016

Now that the holiday season has come to an end, I can safely post pictures that were given to some people as gifts. I had plans to take many, many more images through Christmas Minis at Russell Farm Art Center here in Burleson, but that plan was halted. The first day I had scheduled, it was muggy and raining, so my clients decided they wanted to reschedule in order to not come out to a muddy photo shoot. The second day I was set to do everyone’s Christmas Minis it was about 18° all day and no one deserved to be out in that!! It was with concern for my clients with young kids that I decided to cancel that day, as well.

That being said, I still captured some beautiful images with a handful of wonderful clients. Just look at these!

This is Hayden and Lynnex, Respectively. Such cute little ones, am I right? Look at those eyes!!

Lynnex really wanted to give Hayden a kiss at this moment!

And this group is Noah, Dallon, and Cali. Cousins out for Christmas!


Noah over here, cheesin’ it up! But then…Dallon and Cali MAY have had to hold Noah still for a couple of pictures…he was looking at a lot of stuff and didn’t want to get his picture taken until after we finished! And then Dallon and Cali with those sweet smiles.

Then my own family(in-laws, actually..just to clarify. 🙂 they are definitely FAMILY!) wanted to squeeze in some Christmas pictures!

We have Jennifer(my beautiful wife), Casey(hey, that’s me!), Tammy, Carl, Hannah, and Zach. Those last four are my mother-in-law, her boyfriend, and then my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Oh yea, that furry child is MURPHY! He is a rescue-in-law! He did not love the hat, but he had to be in the spirit!!

The last Christmas pictures I did were of Nicholle and Ginger. Nicholle is a long time best friend of Jennifer’s. We have also known Ginger, the Boston Terrier, for a good minute, as well! Her smile is very engaging!!

I hope everyone had a very MERRY Christmas and enjoys their pictures as much as I do!! I am glad to finally get to post this and share with my readers.

Thank you, everyone.

Until next time,


Santa At Christmas Market

Thank you to everyone for your patience with me while I made these images available. I was able to get them up sooner than expected, as we had a better system for doing it than I had originally worked out.

Please scroll through, find your image, and click on it. Doing so will then open your image in a full view, where you can right click and save it from there.

I had fun doing these images for everyone, and I appreciate everyone’s kindness! This is not my normal type of imagery, but I am happy to provide these moments to you!


Thank You & Merry Christmas!


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