Jesse, Leighton, and Lynnex

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Oi! Things lately have been a little offset, to say the least. I am very happy to be getting back to you on a regular basis.


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of creating some wonderful family portraits for a Marine and his family while he was home for a short time.

Jesse has spent his time as a dedicated serviceman, and his wife and daughter, Leighton and Lynnex, miss him every second he is not home. And you can definitely see that here in these select few images. Their family is tightly woven, and happy all around.

Jesse’s time in has consisted of over 4 years so far, and he carries it well. Him and his daughter display a wonderful connection with each other, too. The entire time we were shooting this session, Lynnex was happy as could be with her daddy by her side, and they were making each other laugh and smile, as well as Leighton.



This happy family started when these two were married on March 8th, 2014, after 2 years of being together. You could say they have a connection, for sure! They did the hard work of only seeing each other every 3 months, sometimes only talking for an hour on Sunday. They would take turns flying out to see each other to make it work while he was in training and afterward.
I worked with Leighton at my previous job, and she is a very happy individual, but happy when her family is whole! But, she is always smiling.



During the time we spent on location, we had some chickens coming up to say “hi.” Lynnex was happy for them, even going into a little shack as she follow them. But most of the chickens wanted to run around more than even Lynnex did!


This is the Lanier family, my followers and readers! Thank you for stopping in to read a little about them. I respect each of them and look forward to seeing their family grow once time allows.

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