Coffee Date Announcement

To my daily readers, I bring you a new type of announcement. A coffee date announcement!

Mandi contacted me one day looking for someone to recreate an image she noticed online for her and her husband, Justin. We discussed it for a little bit, but I threw a couple of ideas her way. After a couple of weeks of hammering out ideas and details, we went down a different path. And I am so glad we did!

You see, Justin and Mandi are avid coffee drinkers, and they had something they wanted to tell the world.


So, as they sit and sip they coffee, we talked a little about who they were and their announcement they had for their friends and family.

I guess, to show their loved ones and us, it was going to have to be a little shocking.

After all, it might be a surprise to a few people…Justin and Mandi are adding something to their family, and it’s not more coffee!


Mandi wanted me to create an announcement card for her to send out to friends and family, and this is the final product. I am very glad she contacted me, and very happy to have been able to create this for them!


I hear her loved ones enjoyed the cards. I wonder if Justin has woken up yet?



Just kidding! This was purely an announcement made in humor, he didn’t really pass out…he already knew!

I firmly believe their new addition is going to be blessed beyond belief after his/her arrival in October.


Until next time,


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