Little Tatum

I was granted the pleasure of meeting this wonderful piece of joy, named Tatum. She’s precious, isn’t she? Preston and Melanie have been married just at two and one half years. They have animals in the house but now they have a new addition! Preston was doing great at swaddling her, but she still didn’t want to stay cooped up!

She was only 11 days old when I was able to photograph her, but she is SO alert! Just look at those eyes!

Oh, and of course, we wouldn’t have a newborn without some fuss! We did capture a few moments where she was just unsettled.

We did our best to make her happy and comfortable. And she was comfortable…as you can see! She wanted to lay there and be smushy-faced with the pillow. But when we didn’t want that, that is when she got upset! It’s ok, though, because I would just place her back in momma’s hands and she would soon calm down so I could snap some more shots. 🙂

She was zonking herself out, again, but wanted to be active. I had a pearl necklace that I was draping on her, but it ended up breaking! Oh no!

However, I was able to get this awesome image because of it! It is things like this that make every photo session unique!


Congratulations, Preston and Melanie! Tatum is a special lass, and yes, even through the fuss she is wonderful! She has many cute expressions!


Enjoy the younger days!


Until next time,




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