Santa At Christmas Market

Thank you to everyone for your patience with me while I made these images available. I was able to get them up sooner than expected, as we had a better system for doing it than I had originally worked out.

Please scroll through, find your image, and click on it. Doing so will then open your image in a full view, where you can right click and save it from there.

I had fun doing these images for everyone, and I appreciate everyone’s kindness! This is not my normal type of imagery, but I am happy to provide these moments to you!


Thank You & Merry Christmas!


img_9875 img_9876 img_9879 img_9881 img_9882 img_9884 img_9885 img_9887 img_9888 img_9892 img_9893 img_9895 img_9896 img_9897 img_9898 img_9899 img_9901 img_9902 img_9903 img_9904 img_9905 img_9906 img_9909 img_9911 img_9912 img_9916 img_9917 img_9920 img_9922 img_9923 img_9926 img_9927 img_9928 img_9929 img_9930 img_9931 img_9933 img_9935 img_9936 img_9937 img_9939 img_9940 img_9945 img_9946 img_9950 img_9953 img_9955 img_9956 img_9959 img_9963 img_9966 img_9970 img_9976 img_9978 img_9980 img_9983 img_9987 img_9988 img_9991 img_9993 img_9999 img_0003 img_0004 img_0007 img_0009 img_0010 img_0011 img_0012 img_0014 img_0015 img_0016 img_0018 img_0021 img_0027 img_0032 img_0033 img_0034 img_0038 img_0039 img_0042 img_0044 img_0046 img_0048 img_0049 img_0050 img_0053 img_0054 img_0056 img_0057 img_0058 img_0061 img_0063 img_0065 img_0066 img_0068 img_0069 img_0070 img_0072 img_0073 img_0075 img_0076 img_0079 img_0081 img_0083 img_0084 img_0085 img_0086 img_0088 img_0089 img_0091 img_0092 img_0095 img_0096 img_0097 img_0098 img_0099 img_0102 img_0105 img_0108 img_0109 img_0110 img_0111 img_0112 img_0114 img_0116 img_0117 img_0118 img_0121 img_0124 img_0125 img_0127 img_0129 img_0131 img_0133 img_0135 img_0136 img_0140 img_0141 img_0143 img_0145 img_0146 img_0147 img_0148 img_0149 img_0150 img_0154 img_0156 img_0161 img_0162 img_0167 img_0171 img_0173 img_0175 img_0178 img_0179 img_0180 img_0181 img_0184 img_0188 img_0190 img_0191 img_0194 img_0196 img_0197 img_0200 img_0201 img_0205 img_0207 img_0209 img_0213 img_0215 img_0218 img_0220 img_0224 img_0225 img_0228 img_0233 img_0234 img_0235 img_0237 img_0239 img_0240 img_0247 img_0249 img_0251 img_0253 img_0255 img_0256 img_0257 img_0258 img_0259 img_0260 img_0262 img_0266 img_0268 img_0269 img_0271 img_0272 img_0273 img_0274 img_0279 img_0280 img_0284 img_0287 img_0292 img_0294 img_0296



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