Bailey JHS Senior Portraits 2017


I would like to introduce you to Bailey. She has attended high school in California and Texas, where she was in the Future Farmers of America at both schools. You will see she proudly wears her jackets! Bailey’s family decided they wanted to return to Texas after having lived in California for some time, and settled in a comfortable, small town named Joshua. And, it suits Bailey to be in a little bit of a country environment, being in FFA and all.



Oh, and here are those jackets, also!



Bailey made this session a breeze! I didn’t have to tell her to smile like she meant it, or explain a difficult pose. I was able to capture some of her bright character as it was shining through.

She is looking to major in biology and, from there, to enter into the medical field to help people out. That is a great path, I think. Keep up the good work, and continue working hard!

Oh, did I mention she is Texas proud? And going to go to SFA for that degree in Biology? She even wore a Texas scarf to the session. You can see it in one of the images above.


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Taylor Senior 2017

Hello again! I apologize for the hiatus, life has been a little hectic lately.

Anywho, I am glad to return to you, my readers, with a little bit about this beautiful young lady named Taylor.

Taylor is graduating high school in a couple of months, so we had to get out and capture a few images of her senior year.

She plays percussion, mainly the snare and bass. Band is a little something she has done since middle school, along with show choir.

“Tay,” as some call her, is a fantastic soul. I have seen her grow from a kid into a wonderful adult with a big heart. She is going to attend UNT to major in psychology and family counseling, while also aiming to make their drumline. She really does set a good bar for being a good human being and wanting to help the world. Always having a heart that allowed her to be kind is a plus, also.

Taking her senior portraits also gave me an opportunity to see where I have grown. I captured some sibling pictures for her and her brother, Cody, a few years ago. And being able to see her grow from there to now, as well as my desire for portrait photography, is a blessing. Jesus gives, and He doesn’t cut short for people.

I am happy to have been given this opportunity to provide Taylor’s family with these images, and to learn how she wants to contribute back to society with her future path.

Good luck, Taylor! (Not that you need it. You’re a pretty bright kid…er, adult!)

Oh, and I had to include the image above, because that is how I know her. She’s still a kid to me, but a grown up kid!


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